Swiss day!


The 1700 people working at EMBL’s six sites come from more than 80 different countries. Many of them haven’t come straight from their home country to one of the EMBL sites but have also lived in other countries in between. While all of them are proud to work at EMBL they are also proud of their origins, organising special events and parties, highlighting and sharing the culture from their home countries. 

Research technician Catherine Stober, who appears in this image, is actually not from Switzerland, but from France. She was living in Switzerland for 15 years, which significantly influenced her life. She brought the flag to the lab when her colleagues organised a Swiss movie night and was proudly wearing it for this Picture of the Week, taken by her lab colleague Sumanjit Datta.

A perfect shot for Swiss National Day on 1 August. The National Day is inspired by the date of the Federal Charter of 1291, placed in “early August”, when three cantons swore the oath of confederation an action that later came to be regarded as the founding of Switzerland.

Image: Sumanjit Datta / EMBL

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