Tour de France zooms by EMBL-EBI

Bernhard Eisel
Tour de France cyclist Bernhard Eisel passes King's College in Cambridge. PHOTO: Uma Maheswari


EMBL-EBI photographers turned out early on 7 July 2014 to get a good spot for snapping cyclists as the Tour de France came through Cambridge, and came up with some beautiful pictures!

Uma Maheswari, a bioinformatician in EMBL-EBI’s Non-vertebrate Genomics team, took the featured photo of Bernhard Eisel on King’s Parade in Cambridge. She says: “I often have a ‘photography day’ with my friends who are photography enthusiasts. Although we’re mainly photographers, we’ve also done a couple of London-Cambridge cycling events for charity, so we were very excited to have one of the Tour de France stages in Cambridge this year.

“We arrived four hours before the race to get a good spot on Kings Parade, for pictures of the world’s best cyclists next to the landmark of King’s College. It was exciting to be part of the celebration and take some snaps of the cyclists on a sunny day in Cambridge. I was very happy to get a very good close-up of Bernhard Eisel, who used to be Mark Cavendish’s right-hand man – this photo was picked by BBC Radio Cambridgeshire for an album on their Facebook page.”

Many thanks to Uma Maheswari, Alissa Williams, Andrea Christofori, Mark Bingley, Mark McDowall and Robert Sugar, who shared some of their photos: