Sonia Furtado Neves

Articles by Sonia Furtado Neves

  1. Cell division offers hope to fight antibiotic resistance

    Keeping bacterial chromosomes tangled could lead to new approaches to treatment

  2. Metabolism matters

    Differentiated and undifferentiated cells get energy in different ways, sensor made at EMBL shows

  3. New EMBL and GSK collaboration

    GSK and EMBL have signed an agreement to enhance understanding of disease and drug mechanisms

  4. Genetic switches can change shape

    EMBL scientists discovered that common mutations can change the shape of gene promoters

  5. Neural connection keeps instincts in check

    EMBL scientists find out how the prefrontal cortex puts a break on instinctive behaviours

  6. Study offers approach to treating pain

    Research on the effect of nerve cell stiffness on sensitivity to touch could lead to new painkillers

  7. What would it take to regrow an arm?

    Exploring what it would take to regrow a lost limb, and what we might learn along the way

  8. Toxoplasma’s balancing act explained

    Parasite’s method of rewiring our immune response leads to novel tool for drug tests

  9. Improving data analysis in imaging mass spec

    Open source bioinformatics method for finding metabolites makes experiments comparable across labs

  10. Spiral growth

    What happens when plant's leaf-placing feedback loop isn't quite right