Sonia Furtado Neves

Articles by Sonia Furtado Neves

  1. Diplomacy – What’s science got to do with it?

    Interview with EMBL’s Joint Heads of Government and EU Relations

  2. What bizarre flies have taught us

    Five things researchers have learned from bizarre fruit flies

  3. How wine-making yeast can feed wine-spoiling bacteria

    How microbes can create niches for each other

  4. James Sharpe appointed Head of EMBL Barcelona

    Inventor of OPT will be the first Head of EMBL’s new Barcelona site

  5. EMBL spin-off Luxendo acquired by Bruker

    Accelerating researchers’ access to next-generation light-sheet microscopy

  6. EMBL to open new site in Barcelona

    Spanish government and EMBL sign agreement for new site

  7. Cell division offers hope to fight antibiotic resistance

    Keeping bacterial chromosomes tangled could lead to new approaches to treatment

  8. Metabolism matters

    Differentiated and undifferentiated cells get energy in different ways, sensor made at EMBL shows

  9. New EMBL and GSK collaboration

    GSK and EMBL have signed an agreement to enhance understanding of disease and drug mechanisms

  10. Genetic switches can change shape

    EMBL scientists discovered that common mutations can change the shape of gene promoters