Sonia Furtado Neves

Articles by Sonia Furtado Neves

  1. Being an IT support engineer: go everywhere, know everyone

    For Vasiliki Karyoti, troubleshooting and problem-solving take on a greater meaning at EMBL

  2. Axon guidance and bundling are linked

    EMBL scientists discover how two guidance cues work together when neurons project axons across the midline

  3. New cryo-EM service at EMBL Heidelberg

    Access to state-of-the-art microscopes and outstanding expertise

  4. 10x Genomics joins EMBL’s Corporate Partnership Programme

    Joining forces for single-cell research

  5. Jacques Dubochet donates Nobel medal to EMBL

    “In testimony of my great thankfulness”

  6. Diplomacy – What’s science got to do with it?

    Interview with EMBL’s Joint Heads of Government and EU Relations

  7. What bizarre flies have taught us

    Five things researchers have learned from bizarre fruit flies

  8. How wine-making yeast can feed wine-spoiling bacteria

    How microbes can create niches for each other

  9. James Sharpe appointed Head of EMBL Barcelona

    Inventor of OPT will be the first Head of EMBL’s new Barcelona site

  10. EMBL spin-off Luxendo acquired by Bruker

    Accelerating researchers’ access to next-generation light-sheet microscopy