Sarah B. Puschmann

Articles by Sarah B. Puschmann

  1. Pol III enzyme grips DNA and begins reading fast

    EMBL researchers uncover how a key enzyme that helps cells make new proteins starts its work

  2. Welcome: Matthieu Boulard

    New EMBL group leader investigates the mystery of heritable gene silencing

  3. Welcome: Aissam Ikmi

    New group leader studies sea anemones to investigate why some animals regenerate better than others

  4. Molecular biology as a force for peace

    Historian Soraya de Chadarevian explores how EMBL’s first Director General shaped molecular biology

  5. Chromosomes don’t need key protein for all their folds

    New research reveals that two different mechanisms are responsible for chromosome folding

  6. Alasdair McDowall’s slow road to flash freezing

    How a research technician with a master’s degree contributed to Nobel Prize-winning work

  7. Cells grow pores from shrinking holes

    New research shows how pores form in the membrane that surrounds a cell’s nucleus

  8. New technique for imaging the life aquatic

    New method for 3D imaging microorganisms lends insight into the creatures that inhabit our oceans

  9. High-res Ebola model could spark new questions

    EMBL researchers create highest resolution 3D model of important structure within Ebola virus