Rosemary Wilson

Articles by Rosemary Wilson

  1. How flu steals your RNA

    Understanding how the flu virus steals host RNA offers hope of new drugs

  2. 10th PEPC course in Hamburg

    The PEPC course celebrated its 10th anniversary in Hamburg from the 12 – 20 September this year

  3. Catching the chaperone in the act

    How Christian Löw’s failed experiment led to an unexpected scientific journey

  4. New insights into RNA Polymerase I

    Cryo EM reconstruction of RNA Polymerase I reveals details of how molecule binds and transcribes DNA

  5. Review: Lab Girl

    Hope Jahren’s autobiography educates and delights

  6. Opinion: Dealing with the imposter in me

    Rosemary Wilson talks about imposter syndrome and how to handle it

  7. Taking crystallography to the fourth dimension

    Collaborating to take crystallography into a new time dimension

  8. Atomic proportions

    EMBL and ESRF scientists and mechanics work together on upgrade for one of Europe’s big X-ray sources

  9. Form follows function

    'The PDB plays a crucial role in structural biology research and development'

  10. Blocking the waste disposal unit

    Detailed structure paves the way for more effective cancer therapies