Articles by Patrick Mueller

  1. Advancing science and new perspectives

    On 20 February, over 250 local supporters and friends met Edith Heard to celebrate a successful year

  2. Night of research, culture and treats

    The EMBL Teens reporters discover the European Researchers’ Night

  3. Ambition and talent

    Nina Kathe, Winner of the EU Contest for Young Scientists visits EMBL

  4. Controlling organ growth with light

    The De Renzis group investigated invagination, the first step of organ development in embryos.

  5. Catching up on protein dynamics

    The Hentze Lab enhanced a RNA-interactome capture technique to pave the way towards medical progress

  6. The future of scientific publishing

    Ioanna Ydraiou and Bernd Pulverer spoke about their view of challenges and opportunities of OA.

  7. Guiding young scientists

    17 young scientists experienced hands-on training at EMBL Hamburg.

  8. Deleting genes to study how germ cells are born

    How embryonic stem cells develop into the germ line

  9. Transcription factors controlled by DNA sequence

    EMBL scientists gain mechanistic insights into how cellular signalling controls gene regulation

  10. EMBL in the UK: Wendy Bickmore

    Meet Wendy Bickmore, Director of the MRC Human Genetics Unit, who spoke at the EMBL in the UK event