Articles by Patrick Mueller

  1. New technique for studying living fly larvae

    This technique provides a simple but effective way to study the functions of organs in living animals

  2. Melting reveals drug targets in a living organism

    EMBL scientists identify drug targets in blood and organs

  3. Science for everyone

    During the Nacht der Forschung 2019, everyone was able to become a scientist for a day at EMBL

  4. The evolution of the eye

    Model organisms are species that are studied extensively to understand particular biological phenomena and processes, with the expectation that discoveries made in…

  5. Intact chromosomes during cell division

    The mystery of how condensin maintains the integrity of the genome during cell division. 

  6. A thirst for science

    EMBL got together with the global science festival Pint of Science to explain and celebrate science.

  7. Advancing science and new perspectives

    On 20 February, over 250 local supporters and friends met Edith Heard to celebrate a successful year

  8. Night of research, culture and treats

    The EMBL Teens reporters discover the European Researchers’ Night

  9. Ambition and talent

    Nina Kathe, Winner of the EU Contest for Young Scientists visits EMBL

  10. Controlling organ growth with light

    The De Renzis group investigated invagination, the first step of organ development in embryos.