Oana Stroe

Articles by Oana Stroe

  1. Understanding early embryo development in mice

    How organs form in a mouse embryo

  2. Almost 2000 unknown gut bacteria discovered

    Researchers identify novel gut bacteria species and call for more data from beyond Europe and North America

  3. A DNA search engine for microbes

    New search engine allows researchers to identify antibiotic resistance genes or mutations in real time

  4. New Open Targets Director appointed

    New director drives drug discovery partnership forward

  5. Discovering new enzymes just got easier

    EMBL-EBI industry case study: Biocatalysts

  6. Welcome: Sarah Butcher

    Building bridges between scientists and software developers

  7. Sanofi joins Open Targets

    Pharmaceutical company Sanofi strengthens drug targets discovery collaboration Open Targets

  8. Exploring cell identity by mapping genetic networks

    ERC grantees Wolfgang Huber and Oliver Stegle share their vision for the next 10 years

  9. PhenoMeNal: an online portal for metabolomics

    Complex metabolomics analyses in the cloud

  10. New approach for testing cancer drug response

    Large-scale systematic analysis explores how inherited genome affects drug response of cancer cells