Oana Stroe

Articles by Oana Stroe

  1. Personalised medicine: one data type is not enough

    New computational method uses multi-omics analysis for personalised medicine

  2. How wild species may benefit from mouse genetic data

    Of mice and gorillas: using mouse data for conservation

  3. PhD goals: why not start a company?

    EMBL-EBI PhD student launches start-up focusing on epigenetics and wellbeing

  4. Celgene joins Open Targets

    New partner strengthens drug discovery collaboration

  5. New insights into the origins of cancer

    What worms can tell us about cancer

  6. PDX Finder – Free global portal for cancer models

    Launch of the first free global online catalogue of PDX models

  7. Welcome: Virginie Uhlmann

    New EMBL-EBI Group Leader will make sense of bioimaging data

  8. New method probes gene expression by cell location

    What does a cell's location tell us?

  9. The genetic risk factors for depression

    Is depression in your genes?

  10. Insights into early cell life

    New technique offers insight into early cell life