Oana Stroe

Articles by Oana Stroe

  1. Science date: The Crick meets EMBL

    Crick and EMBL PhDs talk science over coffee

  2. Convention on the Rights of the Child stored in DNA

    Children's rights stored in synthetic DNA

  3. A tool to monitor tuberculosis

    Funding awarded to EMBL-EBI for tuberculosis monitoring tool

  4. B cells linked to immunotherapy

    Immunotherapy: the role of B cells

  5. 25 years of EMBL-EBI

    EMBL-EBI celebrated its 25 anniversary on 1 September 2019

  6. Welcome: Isidro Cortés-Ciriano

    Exploring the cancer genomics labyrinth

  7. Understanding molecular mechanisms of ageing

    Understanding how ageing works at a molecular level

  8. A new home for biological images

    The BioImage Archive - EMBL-EBI's first dedicated imaging data resource