Mary Todd Bergman

Articles by Mary Todd Bergman

  1. Belgian PhD student decodes DNA and wins a Bitcoin

    Nick Goldman of EMBL-EBI issued a challenge in 2015. In 2018, a winner emerged just in time.

  2. Curious genomes

    What are the strangest genomes in EMBL-EBI's Ensembl?

  3. Welcome, Andrew Leach

    Q&A with EMBL-EBI's Head of Chemical Biology data services

  4. Welcome: Evangelia Petsalaki

    A new group at EMBL-EBI aims to decipher cell signalling networks

  5. UK Biobank partners with the EGA

    Genetic data from a major cohort now distributed via EMBL-EBI

  6. Human Cell Atlas data platform kicks off

    EMBL-EBI, the Broad and UCSC Genomics Institute to build Data Coordination Platform with CZI support

  7. Reflections by Sir John Kendrew

    In this interview from the EMBL Archive, Sir John Kendrew reflects on his time leading 'the Lab'.

  8. Genetics of ‘room-mate’ influences health

    Healing and anxiety are influenced by the genetics of one’s social partners

  9. Buffering mechanism protects embryonic development

    New mechanism revealed

  10. Happy anniversary, PDBe!

    Ewan Birney's nine "Structures of Christmas" celebrate 20 years of PDBe