Articles by Josh Tapley

  1. Welcome: Joana Witkowski

    New head of ORD will build and expand the partnerships that help EMBL achieve its ambitions

  2. Welcome: Santiago Rompani

    New EMBL group leader explores what neurobiology can teach us about what it means to be human

  3. ATP affects proteome-wide solubility

    Scientists develop technology to measure how ATP concentration affects protein solubility in cells

  4. Many gut microbes may originate in the mouth

    Many microbes traverse the oral-gut barrier

  5. Role reversal: RNA controls protein function

    EMBL scientists identify RNA regulating protein behaviour in switch of normal roles

  6. New method to study gene expression in yeast cells

    Scientists develop high-throughput yeast single-cell RNA sequencing method

  7. Most popular articles of the year: 2018

    A collection of the most read articles from the EMBL news website in 2018