Iain Mattaj

Articles by Iain Mattaj

  1. EIROforum, a driver for international science

    EMBL’s Iain Mattaj, the new Chair of EIROforum, on EIROforum’s role

  2. The story behind EMBL’s Barcelona site

    EMBL Director-General, Iain Mattaj, reflects on the work done to establish a new site in Barcelona

  3. Opinion: Scientists must be part of the conversation

    Diversity, internationality and collaboration works, writes EMBL Director-General Iain Mattaj

  4. Opinion: Fail again, fail better

    Iain Mattaj on failure, adventure, determination and the Scientific Method

  5. Key facts about the impact of Brexit on EMBL

    In a time of great uncertainty, key facts about EMBL's status, collaborations, funding and recruitment

  6. Impact on EMBL of UK referendum to leave EU

    The UK’s decision to leave the EU has no direct consequences for the UK’s membership of EMBL