Articles by Guest author(s)

  1. Catalogue of structural variants

    Thorough characterisation of structural variants in human genomes

  2. Partners in the north

    The Nordic EMBL Partnership directors discuss the value of collaborating across borders

  3. The Crick and EMBL join forces

    The Francis Crick Institute and EMBL have agreed to work together to strengthen European science

  4. How EMBL partnerships promote collaboration

    EMBL’s Plamena Markova reflects on the EMBL Partnership Programme

  5. Structure of prodrug-transporter complex revealed

    Scientists develop structural model that could help in the development of drugs with increased absorption rates

  6. Miltenyi Biotec becomes new corporate partner

    Joining forces to advance training in biomedical research and therapy

  7. Design thinking

    EMBL’s Design Team Lead on translating scientific discoveries into visual designs

  8. Model to predict prostate cancer progress

    Cancer researchers have developed a computer model to predict the course of disease for prostate cancer

  9. New ways to look at protein-RNA networks

    Researchers develop new method to analyse the entire protein-RNA network of the cell

  10. Science in industry

    EMBL postdocs discover industry-led research opportunities at the Corporate Summer School