Articles by Guest author(s)

  1. Promega joins EMBL’s Corporate Partnership Programme

    EMBL and Promega collaborate to train young scientists

  2. Powering up

    Alumni share how joining EMBL’s IT team was a career upgrade

  3. EMBL in six objects

    A history of EMBL in six objects from the EMBL Archive

  4. The scientific origins of Edith Heard

    EMBL’s next Director General reflects on the questions that drive her research

  5. Melina Schuh receives EMBO Gold Medal

    EMBL alumna Melina Schuh recognised for excellence in science

  6. Obituary: Elisa Izaurralde

    Elisa Izaurralde, EMBL alumna, has passed away

  7. The rise of GPU computing in science

    Discover how EMBL scientists are using GPU computing to push biology forward

  8. International science: Sanja Damjanović

    Montenegro’s Minister of Science discusses the importance of international collaboration in research

  9. A chance to make scientists’ voices heard

    Maria Leptin reflects on how to create a research environment that serves the needs of the community

  10. ERC Scientific Council meets in Heidelberg

    EMBL and EMBO hosted the ERC's Scientific Council in Heidelberg 28 February to 2 March