Articles by Guest author(s)

  1. Bridging Excellence Fellowships

    The call for applications for Bridging Excellence Fellowships is now open

  2. Building Euro-BioImaging

    EMBL’s Jan Ellenberg reflects on the process of forming a European research infrastructure

  3. Integrating imaging research across Europe

    Euro-BioImaging now established as a European Research Infrastructure Consortium

  4. Edith’s inauguration

    Edith Heard is inaugurated as EMBL Director General

  5. Fallingwater filled with mice

    Nadia Rosenthal describes how she built EMBL Rome’s mouse house

  6. Happy hour for time-resolved crystallography

    Researchers from Hamburg simplify time-resolved X-ray crystallography

  7. Obituary: Bernd-Uwe Jahn

    Bernd-Uwe Jahn, former EMBL Administrative Director, Ministerialrat and Jurist has passed away

  8. In remembrance of Suzanne Eaton

    The life science community is deeply saddened by the death of Suzanne Eaton

  9. Bio-Rad joins EMBL’s Corporate Partnership Programme

    Joining forces to support early-career scientists