Articles by Guest author(s)

  1. A chance to make scientists’ voices heard

    Maria Leptin reflects on how to create a research environment that serves the needs of the community

  2. ERC Scientific Council meets in Heidelberg

    EMBL and EMBO hosted the ERC's Scientific Council in Heidelberg 28 February to 2 March

  3. Origins at EMBL

    Join us in our new editorial theme as we ask how everything began

  4. Women in Science Day: school event

    EMBL Barcelona organises first school activity to coincide with the International Day of Women in Science

  5. On the orchids of Darwin

    How Darwin’s work revealed the intimate relationship between orchids and insects

  6. A physical revolution

    EMBL physicist-turned-biologist alumni win 2017 Kendrew and Phillipson awards

  7. Hands-on science inspires Hamburg

    20,000 visitors get sneak peek at giant particle accelerators at DESY DAY in Hamburg

  8. Obituary: Fotis Kafatos

    Former EMBL Director General Fotis Kafatos passes away

  9. #EMBLcurious

    Six curious questions and the EMBL community's answers. Check back each week for the next question

  10. A curious case of serendipity

    Jacques Dubochet, Nobel laureate and former EMBL group leader, reflects on a key aha moment