Articles by Guest author(s)

  1. Design thinking

    EMBL’s Design Team Lead on translating scientific discoveries into visual designs

  2. Computer model to predict prostate cancer progress

    Cancer researchers have developed a computer model to predict the course of disease for prostate cancer

  3. New ways to look at protein-RNA networks

    Researchers develop new method to analyse the entire protein-RNA network of the cell

  4. Science in industry

    EMBL postdocs discover industry-led research opportunities at the Corporate Summer School

  5. Molecular and behavioural effects of SETD5 mutation

    Scientists uncover effects of mutation that can cause autism and intellectual disability

  6. New insights into the regulation of haemostasis

    EMBL scientists investigate the structure of a key protein involved in blood clotting

  7. Time-resolved X-ray crystallography simplified

    Speeding up time-resolved X-ray crystallography with EMBL beamline P14

  8. Promega joins EMBL’s Corporate Partnership Programme

    EMBL and Promega collaborate to train young scientists

  9. Solving the structure of retromer

    Retromer’s 3D structure improves understanding of cellular sorting and packaging

  10. Powering up

    Alumni share how joining EMBL’s IT team was a career upgrade