Fabian Oswald

Articles by Fabian Oswald

  1. Studying DNA rearrangement to understand cancer

    Using the dataset from the Pan-Cancer project, scientists has developed methods to group, classify, and describe large rearrangements of the genome that are a key driver of cancer.

  2. Finding genetic cancer risks

    Using the data from the Pan-Cancer project EMBL scientists describe how our genetic background influences cancer development.

  3. How transcription factors work together

    EMBL researchers have developed a method to observe interactions between transcription factors

  4. A classification tool for transcription factors

    The software diffTF quantifies activity of transcription factors and predicts their mode of action

  5. Understanding a key player in melanoma

    A new paper describes a unique mechanism of partner selectivity in transcription factors.

  6. Careers after EMBL

    For many students in the life sciences, finishing a PhD marks a professional crossroads

  7. New perspectives on nuclear pores

    EMBL researchers have published two new studies involving the nuclear pore complex

  8. EMBL Fellows’ Career Service launched

    EMBL career advisors discuss the new portfolio of activities

  9. Engineering bacteria to fight diabetes

    EMBL’s Genomics Core Facility supports students participating in the annual iGEM competition.

  10. EMBL in Spain: a wide vision of science

    EMBL Barcelona will host the 2019 EMBL in Spain event