Articles by Fabian Oswald

  1. Teaching science in your mother tongue

    Native Scientist’ organises multilingual science workshops for children of migrant communities.

  2. We all come from the ocean

    Eric Karsenti's combined loves of biology and sailing set in motion the Tara Oceans expedition

  3. The challenge of diversity

    Dr Cristian D. Magnus discusses LGBTQ+ issues and diversity in science

  4. EMBL Lab Day 2019

    EMBL Lab Day 2019 filled the ATC with art and games

  5. The donor’s code

    The main funder of the EMBL Lautenschläger Summer School reflects on codes of conduct around giving

  6. First results from CSSB

    EMBL scientists collaborate to develop new protocol for screening membrane protein stability

  7. Wielding the genetic scissors

    What CRISPR may bring for the future of biology, and how it is used at EMBL

  8. Fun with fern photography

    EMBL alumna Jennifer Deegan built a prize-winning system for photographing ferns

  9. Drawing knowledge

    A conversation about art-science collaborations and the importance of drawing in biology.

  10. Exploring the principles of episodic memory

    Nobel prize laureate Susumu Tonegawa describes his work in memory research over the past decade