Articles by Fabian Oswald

  1. Understanding a key player in melanoma

    A new paper describes a unique mechanism of partner selectivity in transcription factors.

  2. Careers after EMBL

    For many students in the life sciences, finishing a PhD marks a professional crossroads

  3. New perspectives on nuclear pores

    EMBL researchers have published two new studies involving the nuclear pore complex

  4. EMBL Fellows’ Career Service launched

    EMBL career advisors discuss the new portfolio of activities

  5. Engineering bacteria to fight diabetes

    EMBL’s Genomics Core Facility supports students participating in the annual iGEM competition.

  6. EMBL in Spain: a wide vision of science

    EMBL Barcelona will host the 2019 EMBL in Spain event

  7. EMBL and Tara: Rome

    The next stop on Tara’s journey will be at the mouth of the Tiber

  8. Teaching science in your mother tongue

    Native Scientist’ organises multilingual science workshops for children of migrant communities.

  9. We all come from the ocean

    Eric Karsenti's combined loves of biology and sailing set in motion the Tara Oceans expedition

  10. The challenge of diversity

    Dr Cristian D. Magnus discusses LGBTQ+ issues and diversity in science