Articles by Emma Steer

  1. DIY Biology kits: what’s really growing inside?

    EMBL’s GeneCore steps up to discover the facts and settle disputes

  2. New EMBL Partnership in Hungary

    EMBL partners with the Hungarian Centre of Excellence for Molecular Medicine

  3. Translating blue-sky research into the clinic

    What does it take to create a vaccine or improve cancer therapies?

  4. Communities building collections

    The EMBL Archive is open for business!

  5. In the flesh: translating 2D scans into 3D prints

    Translating 2D hospital scans into 3D prints is informing patients and aiding surgeons

  6. A worm’s sense of the world

    EMBL researchers discover that four organs in a marine worm’s head can sense different chemicals

  7. ¡Hola, Barcelona!

    EMBL Barcelona invites locals to celebrate its Inauguration Symposium

  8. EMBL in Finland: Marja Makarow

    Scientists in Finland met to share ideas and discover research opportunities

  9. EMBL in Spain: Lola Ledesma

    EMBL alumni and researchers working throughout Spain met in Madrid

  10. The proteins behind hungry cells

    EMBL researchers visualise the proteins needed to capture molecules and bring them into a cell