Edward Dadswell

Articles by Edward Dadswell

  1. Fostering links with Montenegro

    Two recent events have expanded EMBL’s collaboration with one of its newest member states

  2. Diverse and united: Science in Europe

    Edith Heard and Jean-Eric Paquet discuss the future of European science

  3. Edith and Iain in conversation

    The current and previous Directors General discuss what it means to lead an organisation like EMBL

  4. Reconstructing the human past

    What genetics can tell us about the structure of ancient human populations

  5. Looking for life using geobiology

    Meet the organisers of EMBO’s first course on molecular geobiology

  6. The usefulness of useless knowledge

    Theoretical physicist Robbert Dijkgraaf discusses the importance of curiosity-based research

  7. Exploring genetic variation

    EMBL group leader Jan Korbel reflects on his scientific origins and current research

  8. Futures: Unravelling influenza

    ERC grantee Stephen Cusack shares his vision for the next ten years

  9. Behind the scenes in the Fly Room

    Curious about what goes on in EMBL’s Fly Room? Prepare to be a fly on the wall

  10. Science in space

    EMBL alumna Sigrid Reinsch trained as a cell biologist – now she helps run experiments in space