Claire Ainsworth

Articles by Claire Ainsworth

  1. A lasting legacy

    1000 Genomes Project pushed technologies and knowledge forward to understand what is 'normal' human genetic variation

  2. It’s the economy, stupid

    Theodore Alexandrov is using mathematics to analyse the countless molecules produced by our cells.

  3. Element of surprise

    Radiocarbon studies are helping researchers shine light on how neurons stay stable yet adaptable.

  4. Go with the flow

    Flow cytometry: finding needles in haystacks

  5. The future’s bright

    Surprising protein from a flu-like virus is 10 000th ESRF structure

  6. Nothing but blue skies

    Focusing on basic research is crucial for the development of more advanced genetics techniques

  7. The shape of things to come

    New ways of handling and distributing data at PDBe to tackle ever larger and more complex proteins

  8. Taken out of context

    Enabling neighbours: intact genes can cause cancer when placed near "enhancing" regions of DNA