Articles by Cella Carr

  1. EMBL in Australia: a strong alumni network

    Frank Gannon discusses the strong links between Australia and EMBL.

  2. Estonia comes on board with prospect membership

    Indrek Reimand discusses the life sciences in Estonia, a prospect member of EMBL.

  3. Welcome: Michael Zimmermann

    Michael Zimmermann's group will investigate how gut microbes affect the body’s response to drugs.

  4. Buon compleanno! Celebrating 20 years of EMBL Rome

    Friends old and new mark the occasion in style

  5. Internal Audit: improving processes at EMBL

    Tomasz Smolarek and Natalia Kret in conversation.

  6. A tRNA modifier at work

    Using cryo-EM, scientists have determined the structure of a large protein complex called Elongator.

  7. Twenty years of EMBLEM

    Reflecting on 20 years of EMBLEM

  8. Decoding ageing

    The naked mole-rat as a model organism in ageing research

  9. Actin crosslinking plays key role in tissue morphogenesis

    New insights into mechanisms behind embryonic development