Cella Carr

Articles by Cella Carr

  1. Luxembourg funds research collaborations with EMBL

    2020 call now open for FNR funding of bilateral projects between EMBL and Luxembourg

  2. Protecting data in the cloud

    Cloud computing offers unprecedented opportunities for global-scale research collaborations. It also presents a unique set of challenges in terms of data protection and the ethics of data sharing.

  3. Scientists identify new genetic drivers of cancer

    Analysis of whole cancer genomes gives key insights into the role of the non-coding genome in cancer

  4. Meytal Landau: a visiting researcher in Hamburg

    Strengthening ties between EMBL and Israel through the Scientific Visitor Programme

  5. Welcome: Maria Bernabeu

    New group leader at EMBL Barcelona is investigating how malaria affects the human circulatory system

  6. Welcome: Kristina Haase

    Kristina Haase brings an engineer’s perspective to vascular disease and regenerative medicine

  7. EMBL book club: a forum for diverse perspectives

    The club provides a social outlet for EMBLers with a social conscience

  8. Neural pathways

    Exploring the diverse routes by which EMBL scientists are driving forward neurobiology

  9. Marking 40 years of the Szilárd Library

    The Szilárd Library celebrates its 40th anniversary on 20 November 2019.

  10. Photo-micropatterning advances structural cell biology

    A new technique in cryo-EM