Articles by Berta Carreño

  1. New insights into Turing patterns

    EMBL scientists extend Turing’s theory to help understand how biological patterns are created

  2. Roche joins EMBL’s Corporate Partnership Programme

    Roche and EMBL join forces

  3. Welcome to EMBL, Montenegro!

    Montenegro becomes EMBL’s 25th member state

  4. Iain Mattaj elected NAS foreign associate

    EMBL’s Director General has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences of the United States

  5. Welcome: Anna Kreshuk

    New Heidelberg group leader creates tools to help biologists work faster and better

  6. A serendipitous window into life’s beginnings

    Markus Ralser, upcoming EMBO workshop speaker, on how metabolism brought chemistry to life

  7. The future of Training (3)

    EMBL experts outline the trends shaping scientific training in the coming years

  8. Kendrew and Philipson Awards Winners 2018

    EMBL recognises the outstanding work of alumni with the John Kendrew and Lennart Philipson Awards

  9. Welcome: Sara Cuylen-Häring

    New EMBL group leader explores biophysical properties of chromosomes and other cellular assemblies

  10. Life and death of proteins

    EMBL scientists create a turnover catalogue of almost 10.000 proteins from primary cells