Berta Carreño

Articles by Berta Carreño

  1. An in silico hope for biology: machine learning

    How EMBL scientists are using machine learning to advance biology

  2. ARP/wARP 8.0 released

    Researchers at EMBL Hamburg have released the next generation of their ARP/wARP software

  3. Welcome: Jim Swoger

    New head of the Mesoscopic Imaging Facility at EMBL Barcelona will help scientists visualise nature

  4. Summer in Science 2018

    EMBL Rome opens its labs for students to get their first real taste of science

  5. Welcome: Vikas Trivedi

    An engineer’s approach to understanding morphogenesis

  6. Humans of EMBL: Outreach

    Discover how EMBLers across all sites share their passion for science

  7. Algal nuclear pore complex revealed

    EMBL scientists reveal NPC architecture of algae

  8. New way to isolate DNA- and RNA-protein complexes

    EMBL researchers develop method that simplifies the isolation of DNA- and RNA- protein complexes

  9. New insights into Turing patterns

    EMBL scientists extend Turing’s theory to help understand how biological patterns are created

  10. Roche joins EMBL’s Corporate Partnership Programme

    Roche and EMBL join forces