Articles by Berta Carreño

  1. One way crossing across the midline

    EMBL researchers solve a decades-long debate on a key process for brain and embryo-development

  2. Loops in DNA affect which proteins are coded

    EMBL scientists unveil how 3D chromatin structure affects RNA splicing

  3. Your favourite reads of 2017

    A look back at some of the most read stories on EMBL’s news website this year

  4. The future of training

    EMBL experts outline the trends shaping scientific training in the coming years

  5. Enzymes’ superimposable structures revealed

    EMBL scientists superimpose structures of two-metal-ion enzymes and reveal new potential drug targets

  6. Welcome: Eva Kowalinski

    New group leader based in Grenoble aims to unveil the mechanisms of RNA editing

  7. EMBL Barcelona co-organises first conference

    James Sharpe, Head of EMBL Barcelona, co-chairs the morphogenetic engineering-themed conference

  8. Edith Heard awarded Grand Prix Inserm 2017

    EMBL Director General elect, Edith Heard, awarded 2017’s Grand Prix Inserm for her work in epigenetics

  9. Humans of EMBL: Curiosity

    EMBLers across all sites share how their curiosity about the world shapes their everyday life

  10. EMBL researchers awarded prestigious ERC grants

    Takashi Hiiragi and Lars Steinmetz received Advanced Grants from the European Research Council (ERC)