Annika Duda

Articles by Annika Duda

  1. Welcome: Justin Crocker

    Meet Justin Crocker, EMBL’s new group leader in gene regulation during evolution and development

  2. Italian school students experience life in the lab

    School student Andrea Totaro and EMBL group leader Christophe Lancrin reflect

  3. Cyclists rise to charity challenge

    EMBL’s cycling team complete epic journey to raise money for Heidelberg’s children’s hospital

  4. Welcome: Jamie Hackett

    Meet Monterotondo’s new group leader for epigenetic reprogramming and inheritance, Jamie Hackett

  5. Embryos use ancient viral DNA

    EMBL scientists detect important function of genetic sequence our ancestors assimilated from a virus

  6. Experience life in the lab!

    Call for applications for school students to join ‘Summer in Science’ in Monterotondo

  7. Blood stem cell differentiation is continuous

    Study by EMBL and DKFZ researchers means origins of myeloid leukaemias may need rethinking

  8. Welcome: Monika Lachner

    EMBL’s new Academic Coordinator and Dean of Graduate Studies Monika Lachner leads programmes that help young scientists to flourish