Adam Gristwood

Articles by Adam Gristwood

  1. Welcome: James Sharpe

    Meet the head of EMBL's new Barcelona site, James Sharpe

  2. Sartorius joins EMBL’s Corporate Partnership Programme

    Sartorius and EMBL join forces to support advanced training and science education

  3. Degrees of excellence

    Helke Hillebrand on leaving EMBL after 9 years as Academic Coordinator and Dean of Graduate Studies

  4. Cycle of life

    Paul Nurse’s failed experiment inspired a career that would uncover key mechanisms of cell division

  5. Design for life

    EMBL’s Petra Riedinger retires after 40 years producing posters, graphics, artwork and more

  6. Welcome to EMBL: Robert Prevedel

    Robert Prevedel develops deep-tissue microscopy for scientists to peer deep inside living organisms

  7. Turning up the heat on drug side effects

    Side-effects of leukaemia drug explained, reveal possibility of repurposing to treat other diseases

  8. Postdocs of EMBL

    Turning the spotlight on the diverse universe of EMBL’s 200-strong postdoc community

  9. Bioinformatics with a bang

    Unexpected adventures at EMBL LearningLAB focused on biodiversity

  10. From potential to policy

    Integration, collaboration and openness on agenda for Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Research