News from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory
1 min read

Alumni awards

Announcing winners of the John Kendrew Young Scientist Award, and inaugural Lennart Philipson Award.
3 min read

Lighting the way

EMBL Hamburg celebrates four decades of vision, pioneering research and beamline services.
4 min read

Delighting in detail

Unprecedented detail in images of mouse neurons thanks to new SNAP-tagging microscopy technique.
3 min read

Four decades at EMBL

Employee number 47 retires, leaving behind a legacy that intricately linked her life with EMBL.
3 min read

MASSIF step forward

In two months, 2.3 million diffraction images collected on new, fully automated ESRF/EMBL beamline.
7 min read

20 years in the making

First complete picture of flu virus polymerase. A story of two decades of blood, sweat and sneezes.
8 min read

Foods are us!

Appetite to ZzZzZzZ… bite-sized highlights from this year’s Science and Society conference.