News from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory
2 min read

It runs in the family

Detailed structural study shows distantly related viruses share a common machinery for replication.
3 min read

Sense of space

EMBL scientists demonstrate that spatial constraints are a key factor in determining nucleus size.
3 min read

Destined for the brain

Not all embryonic macrophages are the same, and only some are destined to become microglia.
2 min read

Taking out the trash

Unveiling the shape of... the 'molecular bin man' – cryoEM helps reveals p62 polymer in…
3 min read

Inside industry: Part I

Career insights from Riccardo Cortese, whose start-up is developing an Ebola vaccine candidate.
6 min read

Element of surprise

Radiocarbon studies are helping researchers shine light on how neurons stay stable yet adaptable.