News from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory
7 min read

20 years in the making

First complete picture of flu virus polymerase. A story of two decades of blood, sweat and sneezes.
8 min read

Foods are us!

Appetite to ZzZzZzZ… bite-sized highlights from this year’s Science and Society conference.
3 min read

Welcome: Kyung-Min Noh

The important thing is forming good biological questions, says new group leader in Genome Biology.
2 min read

On a SAXS quest

Course attendees go hunting (protein) aliens in a quest for optimal SAXS data.
2 min read

Welcome: Judith Zaugg

Whether it’s information or people, the art of connecting is key to new group leader…
4 min read

Polish connections

Alumna Anna Bartosik shares insights and hopes for EMBL's newest prospect member state, Poland.