News from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory
8 min read

The rhythms in life

How EMBL scientists are discovering and understanding the waves and rhythms inside us
3 min read

Branches: Laughing matter

Neuroscientist and comedian Sophie Scott explains the complexity and social importance of laughter
5 min read

Admin ability

EMBL's ninth administrative director Keith Williamson looks back at 14 years at the Laboratory
2 min read

Awards & Honours

EMBL scientists regularly receive prestigious awards – meet the latest honourees.
3 min read

Welcome: Hiroki Asari

Why does a cookie look different depending on how hungry you are? Neuroscientist Asari wants to find out
3 min read

Designing gene therapy

Information on structure of molecule used for genome engineering yields increased efficiency
2 min read

Foetus, or placenta?

Subtle genetic differences destine cells to placenta or animal, very early in embryo development